At Pharmacy Solutions our pharmacists are passionate about their profession. Together they have many combined years of clinical experience and additional training in hormone therapy, pain formulations, and veterinary compounds. Know that you can always confide in us for trustworthy and meaningful healthcare advice and services. We truly care for our patients!

Lyndell White, PharmD, R.P.

Lyndell White

Lyndell grew up in western Nebraska where she graduated from Ogallala High School. She went to Doane College in Crete, Nebraska, where she participated and excelled in student leadership and collegiate sports. She continued her education at the University of Nebraska Medical Center where she obtained her Doctorate of Pharmacy. Lyndell has experience working in retail, long-term care, and compounding pharmacy. “My pastor during my elementary years really instilled in me that you are always to do the ‘right’ thing no matter how hard it might be! That has been a life lesson that I practice every day.” Lyndell has said this is her day-to-day philosophy in not only her professional life, but also in her daily life.

“My parents are mentors in so many ways. They have taught me the importance of working hard and to never give up on your dreams. They have taught me the importance of family and unconditional love.” Her parents, are who shaped her into the person she is today.

Lyndell spends her free time with her daughter, “It has been so much fun watching my daughter explore the wonders of life, sports, and school.” She enjoys watching all sports, spending time with friends and family. Lyndell is also quite the handy-woman who loves doing remodeling projects and yard work.

Post Graduate Training:

  • Aseptic Compounding Course-40 hours
  • Alternative Approaches to Women’s Health Problems specializing in Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, PCCA & Ohio Northern University College of Pharmacy-22 hours
  • BHRT for Female Patients Symposium
  • Functional Endocrinology Symposium-21 hours
  • Basic Compounding Training
  • Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy for the Practitioners and Pharmacist View, PCCA-20 hours
  • BHRT/Infertility Symposium –February 2010
  • Aseptic Training-April 2012
  • Practical Approach to BHRT Symposium-May 2010
  • Academy of Integrative Medicine – The Next Step to Building your Practice October 2013

Organizations and Awards:

  • Featured Speaker at Integrated Approach to BHRT Symposium, Houston, TX, Jan 2007
  • Distinguished Young Pharmacist Award 1998
  • Nebraska Pharmacist Association, Board member
  • Nebraska Pharmacist Association, President 2016

Sheri Scheer, PharmD, R.P.

Sheri Scheer

Sheri grew up in a small town in the southeastern part of Nebraska. She graduated from Tecumseh High School and went onto the University of Nebraska at Lincoln for three years and then attended the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, where she obtained her Doctorate in Pharmacy. Sheri has experience working in retail, long-term care, hospital, hospice and compounding pharmacy’s. Her passion is helping people and making them smile. “When you help someone and get that from-the-heart ‘thank you’, I feel that there is no better satisfaction. At that point I know by me being a Pharmacist that this is what I was meant to do in my life.”

Sheri credits her parents in teaching her how to work hard, enjoy life, and use the talents that were given to her. “They taught me the greatest fundamentals of faith, love and family. They taught me to always work hard for what I want because you are just not handed an easy life. They taught me the power of forgiveness and always to keep God first in my life. I can only hope that I am an inspiration to my own children as my parents were to me!”

Sheri spends her free time following her children’s sporting events (football, basketball, track, baseball, and soccer.) She lives for watching them participate and hates to miss any of their games. The Scheer family also enjoys snowmobiling, golf, visiting amusement parks (they are adrenaline junkies!), and watching college and professional sporting events.

Post Graduate Training:

  • PCCA Basic Compounding Training-1997, 2000
  • PCCA Bio Identical HRT Symposium-April 2005
  • PCCA BHRT for Female Patients Symposium-August 2006
  • Academy of Integrative Medicine-Adrenal Thyroid Pituitary Axis and Neurotransmitter Involvement-March 2006
  • Pharmaceutical Care and Compounding for the Veterinary Patient-Introduction Course-April 2006
  • PCCA Integrated Approach to BHRT Symposium-January 2007
  • Academy of Integrative Medicine-Botanical Medicine in Clinical Practice II-October 2008
  • BHRT/Infertility Symposium-February 2010
  • Academy of Integrative Medicine-Mechanisms of Life-April 2011
  • Academy of Integrative Medicine-Mechanisms of Life: The Fundamentals of Body Chemistry-September 2011
  • PCCA Compounder RX Advanced Training-March 2012
  • Academy of Integrative Medicine – The Next Step to Building your Practice October 2013

Organizations and Awards:

  • Featured speaker at Integrated Approach to BHRT Symposium, Houston, TX –January 2007
  • Nebraska Pharmacist Association-1994-current member
  • Nebraska Pharmacist Association-Board of Directors 1994-2001
  • Nebraska Pharmacist Association-President 2001-2002
  • Nebraska Pharmacist Association- Chairman of the Board 2002-2003
  • Nebraska Pharmacist Association – Distinguished Young Pharmacist Award 1998
  • American Pharmaceutical Association
  • International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists
  • UNMC – College of Pharmacy Alumni Association
  • UNMC – College of Pharmacy Class Treasurer (1990-1993)
  • UNMC – College of Pharmacy Bradley Wolf Memorial Award 1993
  • Kappa Epsilon Professional Fraternity of Women in Pharmacy
  • St. Joseph’s Altar Society
  • Pius X Booster Club

Jeanne Greisen PharmD, R.P.

Jeanne Greisen

Jeanne graduated from the University of Nebraska Medical Center in 2001 and has been practicing pharmacy in five states over the past 15 years. Many of the 15 years have been spent in the retail side of pharmacy. She also has experience in independent community pharmacy. Jeanne joined Pharmacy Solutions in 2014 and oversees the daily operations of the lab. Her special interests include thyroid function and men’s health.

She loves helping people get to the source of their medical problems. Helping people to live more healthy is satisfying.

In her spare time, Jeanne enjoys coaching youth sports, gardening, yoga, biking and home projects. Spending time with her husband, Ward, and their 4 children is what makes her most happy.

Beth Christensen, CPhT

Aseptic (Cleanroom technician) / Compliance officer

Beth Christensen

Beth has worked at Pharmacy Solutions for just over 5 years and has been a technician for 10 years previously working at another independent pharmacy.

She loves the customers, helping to make a difference, the people that she works with, and how every day is different.

In her free time Beth and her husband, Brandon like to try new restaurants in the area, golf, watch basketball (Creighton Bluejays!), and spend a lot of time with family.

Noelle Burns, CPhT

Certified Technician

Noelle Burns

As a Certified Pharmacy Technician, Noelle specializes in capsules, but also compounding, filling prescriptions, and handling inventory. She has worked at Pharmacy Solutions for over 5 years.

Noelle loves helping people by compounding specifically to their need. Every day is different with unique challenges. She enjoys using math and science daily and working with our entire team.

In her free time, Noelle spends time with her husband and three kids vacationing, spending time outdoors, camping, crafting, and sporting events, especially the Huskers!

Erika Greer, CPhT

Certified Technician

Erika Greer

Erika started at Pharmacy Solutions in January 2015, however she has been a compounding technician since 2012.

She enjoys the people she works with, both co-workers and customers. Her true joy is making specialized/personalized prescriptions because there is something different to look forward to everyday.

Erika spends her free time watching Netflix, fishing, and gardening. She enjoys playing with her pets and hanging out with her husband.

Dusty Nelson, Ideal Protein Coach

Dusty joins our team as an Ideal Protein Coach, she has been an Ideal Protein coach since May of 2016.
She graduated from Hastings College with a bachelors in Exercise Science, and is currently working towards a Masters degree through Doane University in Counseling. She enjoys helping people make healthy changes in their lifestyle. Educating the community about healthy living is so important. She is your go to resource for any questions about Ideal Protein!

Donna Boone

Customer Service Representative

Donna joined Pharmacy Solutions in April of 2017. She has over 21 years of experience in the pharmacy environment, holding several different positions along the way.

She loves being able to help and spend time visiting with all of the customers who come to Pharmacy Solutions. Pharmacy Solutions has the friendliest customer base, in her opinion.

Outside of work, Donna is working on a degree in Organizational Leadership and Communication from Nebraska Wesleyan, which keeps her very busy. She likes to spend time with family and friends, lounge with her puppy Stella, and cruise around the state with her husband.